About Maria


Did you know that there are more than a thousand different kinds of wool? Over a thousand different species of sheep bounce across the world like the little happy fluff balls they are. Each with their own unique and beautiful characteristics. And that, my dear, is where you come in.

Because it are those characteristics that I love to recreate. To felt you or your loved ones with high quality products that will last a lifetime. Using different techniques to capture just that essence that makes you unique. Think of it as a woolen picture.

I’m Maria. Mother of two adorable boys, wife to hubby Tim and staff to two sassy cats – who also have a thing for wool by the way.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, my heart is in creating beautiful things. What I love even more is to make you fall in love with my creations.

All of the different possibilities can -understandably- overwhelm you a bit. Not to worry! My inbox is always open and I love to help you order the woolen creation of your dreams.


Come join me, creating woolen memories together!

x Maria