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Each individual is unique. Every person in your family has their own characteristics. I can transfer that uniqueness from your family into your woolen family. Pretty cool, huh? All I need is a photograph and your wishes. The poses, clothing, hairstyle, are all up to you. I can assimilate all of your wishes into the final product.

The detailed wool sculpture contains:

  • Use of luxury fibers, such as different kinds of silk
  • Vegan options are possible
  • Much more detailed than the regular wool families

After the purchase, I will contact you to discuss your wishes. Preferably over Whatsapp.

What I need to create your family:

  • Photos of the portrayed person in good light without filter/preset for a good look of skin- and hair color
  • Wishes about pose
  • Wishes about clothing

Additional information

Aantal personen

1 persoon, 2 personen, 3 personen, 4 personen, 5 personen, 6 personen, 7 personen, 8 personen, 9 personen, 10 personen, 11 personen, 12 personen, 13 personen, 14 personen, 15 personen, 16 personen, 17 personen, 18 personen, 19 personen, 20 personen, 21 personen, 22 personen, 23 personen, 24 personen, 25 personen, 26 personen


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